A light at the end of the tunnel for the Italian logistics

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COVID-19: first steps towards the reopening phase

The first positive signs arrive for the Italian economy and the logistics sector: the reopening of the storage warehouses of all the production companies from April 14th.

The new Decree-which came into force on April 14-replaces the previous Prime Ministerial Decrees and extends the main measures concerning the free movement of persons and workers, as well as the suspension of non-essential commercial and production activities throughout the country until May 3, 2020.

So, while the restrictive measures remain largely unchanged, the Italian government took a first step in view of Phase 2 and unlocked from April 14 the warehouses of industrial companies where production activity is currently suspended.

In fact, Article 2, paragraph 12 of the new emergency measure provides that, after notification of the prefect, with regard to suspended production activities:

Access to company premises by employees or delegated third parties is permitted for the performance of surveillance, conservation and maintenance activities, payment management, as well as cleaning and sanitation activities;
The shipment to third parties of goods in stock and the receipt in stock of goods and supplies are permitted.

The reopening of the warehouses of the manufacturing companies makes it possible to deliver and transport the goods purchased or produced by 22 March, the date of the first lockdown. The new provision also represents a solution to the growing congestion of logistics centers and infrastructure transit hubs and allows Italian ports to more fluidly manage the next arrivals of goods from China.


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