Libya: a container sea shipment as good as bread..

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.. and heated by exports from Italy of bakery machines, at 180 °!

Even in the time of the new Coronavirus (COVID-19), bread should never be missing … in any world table!

The purchases and exports from Italy of bakery machines are therefore continuing. From this point of view, Libya represents for us an important market as regards the sea container shipments.

Our Libyan customers rely on us for the sea container shipments, mostly managed with Incoterm CFR, or from the goods pick up at the Italian shipper’s premises up to the Libyan port, that could be Misurata, Tripoli or Benghazi.

Our sea container shipments are very often bound by letters of credit as a method of payment, which makes necessary to strictly follow its instructions on the required documents, languages to use, original BL, how to issue them etc..and the kind of transport.

Considering the “sensitive” destination, container sea shipments to Libya with letters of credit could require, for example, additional certifications attesting the conformity of products with Libyan regulations.

Last but not least, we can communicate with our Libyan clients for in English and Arabic, in order to break down any language barriers and make communication .. as good as bread!


Contact us for your next container sea shipment from Iltay to Libya! Our team can assist you also in Arabic or English language.

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