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Malaysia, India, Turkey, Italy .. When the international air freight shipment in cross trade becomes a riddle!

What do these four countries have in common? No complicated riddle to solve! To wonderfully end 2018, we managed an international air freight shipment in cross trade!

Our client, a Malaysian trader, has bought some steel material from India to be delivered to his final customer in Turkey.

Being the unique logistics referent, we could control the whole international air freight shipment in cross trade.
It was very important to maintain the identity of the Indian supplier unknown to the Turkish importer and therefore to “protect” our Malaysian client’s business.

With the help of our trusted partner in India, the goods to be shipped have been deprived of any marking revealing the real supplier.

For this international air freight shipment in cross trade, our Indian agent has issued an Air Waybill (AWB) indicating as shipper the Indian supplier, who needed this document to obtain the credit from his bank, and as consignee the Malaysian trader.
Then he made the AWB switch, issuing a second air waybill where the Malaysian trader was indicated as the shipper and the Turkish company as the consignee. Having just this Air Waybill in his hands, the importer in Turkey  cannot discover the identity of the real producer.


The import to Turkey was successfully managed, with the collaboration of our Turkish shipping partner.


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