Case history: keep yourselves “steady” for the next sea shipment to the UAE

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Container logistics and the “offshore mood” in Dubai

In cooperation with our logistic partners in the United Arab Emirates, we duly arranged a container sea shipment to transport a large batch of pipes.

Our keyword for this case history is the container logistics, one of the services we offer to our customers, ensuring the utmost care and attention to the goods at every stage, both during warehouse storage, during stuffing operations or transportation.

In this specific case we dealt with steel pipes produced by a company in Rovigo, destined to an offshore plant for the oil & gas industry in Dubai. The pipes were grouped in bundles of two/four units, then fixed into solid wooden structures.

Considering the dimensions and weights (about 11.8 meters/pipe; weight from 2 to 7 tons/pipe), the company was not adequately equipped to stow the goods in containers (expected 40’HC type).

For this reason the pipes have been transferred to our warehouse in Venice pipe carrier trucks (which can be opened both laterally and from above or completely open, to facilitate loading and unloading).

Upon arrival in Venice, the goods were unloaded from the trucks in the square, to then be stowed in containers, for a total of 13×40’HC.

Once the export customs clearance operations were carried out, the entire lot was successfully loaded on the vessel with final destination Jebel Ali, United Arab Emirates.


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