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Not without properly carrying out the stuffing and lashing operations

The challenge

The client is a Chinese importer of construction machinery. As international freight forwarders specialized in the exceptional transport, we shipped his goods packed inside big cages from Italy to China.

Here below the size of this oversized cargo not stowable into traditional 40’dv:

  • 1 cage mm 8600x2700x2980 kg. 18.750
  • 1 cage mm 8700x2850x2980 kg. 15.600

According to shipper’s instructions, we collected goods using two oversized trucks and we carried them to La Spezia port terminal.

The trucks were equipped with big waterproof tarpaulins covering the machinery in order to avoid any possible damage during the land transportation.

Once arrived at port terminal, we properly stuffed, lashed and secured the cargo on the flat rack containers.

In the meanwhile we carried out the export customs clearance.

The out of gauge containers have been regularly shipped and are on the way to China.

Flat rack containers

A flat rack has no walls or support posts in the middle, allowing goods to be loaded from the top and/or sides.

They only have sides on the short side of the container, the bulkheads.

These sides can either remain fixed or have collapsible walls that further simplify loading and unloading.

Flat racks are typically used to transport out-of-gauge (OOG) freight, or material that is too large to fit in ordinary 20-foot or 40-foot shipping containers.

However, flat racks may be utilized to transport cargo that would fit inside a container but is simpler to load onto a flat rack.

Asian Logistics Key services in this case history

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  • Sea freight shipment Italy
  • Transportation of out of gauge flat rack container
  • Container stuffing and lashing operations
  • Exceptional transportation


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