Nineteen tons of sweetness shipped to Libya

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Melting like chocolate in the sun? Impossible in the reefer container!

Are you melting by the idea of a such irresistible loading? This couldn’t happen to the nineteen tons of chocolate made in Italy we have recently shipped to Libya by way of letter of credit.

Taking in consideration the destination Port’s higher temperatures and the type of load, it was necessary to organise a refrigerated transport.

The delicious chocolates were distribuited between two 20’DV and 40’HC reefer containers.

The ideal temperature to store chocolate is between 10° and 18° C, depending on the chocolate’s quality. Therefore, it’s important to organise the refrigerated transport and ensure the proper storage of the same during warm seasons. This is to prevent any changing in taste or looks, normallly happening when stored in an ambient above 21°C.

In our specific case, the needed temperature to ship the chocolate load to Lybia in the reefer container was 12 °C.


What about the letter of credit? It’s crucial to respect carefully the instructions regarding the required documents, like the bill of landing.

The final result? Nineteen tons of sweetness arrived in Misurata and withdrawn by the receiver in perfect conditions.


Do you need to handle any refrigerated transport and ship refeer container to Libya or any other destination? Any question about the letter of credit? Don’t hesitate to contact us!





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