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A mine of .. open top containers out of gauge

Premise: definition of open top container

Open Top Containers (OTCs) are characterized by an open-top that is covered by a tarpaulin instead of a tarp, in 20ft and 40ft dimensions.

It is specifically built to store large unwieldy cargo that cannot be transported by conventional containers.

The OT container can load goods higher than container walls. In this case the OT container is “out of gauge” (OOG).

The exceed in height has an additional cost.

Heavy machinery, construction equipment, oversized pipes  etc.. are often too tall to be loaded through the doors of a standard container, so open top containers are often used to transport this type of cargo.

Alternatively the packages are stowed through the doors once the movable bar has been removed. Not all containers are equipped with this upper “rail” on the door side, this is a request that must be specifically indicated.


Tarpaulin for cover the roof

The tarpaulin usually covering the roof is made of a very resistant and waterproof material so that it can protect the goods during all land and sea transport.

The use of tarpaulin is required for both container in gauge and out of gauge one.

In the last one, the cost of tarpaulin will be slightly more because it will be cover a greater area.

Once you know the length, width and height of the goods it is possible established the tarpaulin cost, that it will change depending on how much it exceeds the container.


Container sea shipment to Nicaragua

In cooperation with our South American freight forwarding agent, we arranged a container sea shipment to Nicaragua. Goods consisting of mining machinery a gold exploration and production company based in Managua.

Considering the total weight and dimensions, the several packages have been stuffed inside 4×40′ open top containers with extra-shape tarpaulin (machinery height 313 cm).

Cargo has been loaded by vertical inside the open top containers and well secured so that it does not shift during land and sea transportation.


Contact us as freight forwarder in Italy to handle your container sea shipment to Nicaragua or other international destinations!


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