Container sea shipments from Austria to Mexico, through Italy, Tunisia at the helm

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All together “in isolation”!

What do Austria, Mexico, Italy and Tunisia have to do with a single container sea shipment?

We are dealing with a new type of container shipping traffic involving four countries.

The customer is a Tunisian group with several branch offices around the world. He purchases insulation lines for the production of cables from an Austrian manufacturer, destined to his Mexican plant.

The packaging consists of large wooden crates that we collect from the factory in Austria, then transfer and store at our reference logistics warehouse / Container Freight Station in Venice.

Once all the crates have been grouped, we proceed with the container stuffing operations.

Once stuffing operations are complete, the containers are ready to be moved to Port of Livorno where they will be loaded with destination Port of Altamira, Mexico (INCOTERM® 2010 CFR)


The biggest problem? The container shortage and availability of space on board vessels.
Considered the “crazy” period for the shipping situation, we suggest our customers to plan and schedule container sea shipments in time.



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