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Dear User,

In compliance with the provisions laid out in the European Privacy Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR) and with Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30 June 2003 (Code on the protection of personal data), we hereby wish to inform you that “Asian Logistics Agencies S.r.l.”, with their registered address in Via dell’Idrogeno, 18 30175 Marghera (VENICE),  Italy and with VAT number and Tax Identification Code 03778640270, in their capacity as Data Controller and Manager of this Website accessible at “”, uses a series of technologies (i.e.: cookies, pixels, web beacons and gifs…), which allow the collection of information and personal data necessary to provide their services and improve your online experience.

In particular, your personal data may be collected and processed by using “Cookies” or small text files, which may be installed and stored on your computer (or mobile device) in order to improve the functionality of the Website.

In any case, the aforementioned technologies shall always be used in compliance with the privacy regulations in force, on the basis of the principles of correctness, lawfulness and transparency, and conducted in observance of the principles of relevance, completeness and reasonableness. The data shall be collected and recorded solely for the purposes referred to in paragraph 1) and shall be stored for such purposes for a period not exceeding ten years from their collection.

Therefore, in accordance with the provisions of article 13) of the European Privacy Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR) and of Legislative Decree no. 196/03, we inform you of the methods in which the data you provide shall be processed for the following purposes:

1) During the navigation and use of the Website, the following types of Cookies may be used:

  • “Strictly Necessary Cookies”: technical cookies that are necessary in order to allow you to browse and/ or use all the features of the Website; in fact, without these cookies we would not able to provide you with some services or features that make it easier and more convenient to browse and use the said Website; 
  • “Performance Cookies or Analytics Cookies”: technical cookies that collect information about how the Website is used in order to allow us to improve its operation (i.e.: most frequently visited pages…);
  • “Functionality Cookies”: technical cookies that allow you to remember the choices you made and/ or the services you requested or purchased; these cookies allow us to design and provide increasingly advanced and customised services (i.e: customisation of a certain page…); 
  • “Flash Cookies or Local Shared Objects”: technical cookies that might sometimes be used to deliver some content, such as videos or animations with Adobe Flash Player. These cookies may be stored on your device, but will be managed through a different interface than the one provided by your browser. To manage these cookies you must access the Flash Player Settings Manager directly on the Adobe website ( For more information, please visit the Adobe cookie policy page at
  • “Targeting or Advertising Cookies”: all those cookies that our service providers may use to publish advertisement and manage advertising materials that they believe may be of interest to you. These cookies may be used to store the contents visited or to share information with other parties (i.e.: advertisers…). For more information about the cookies used and on how to disable them, please visit the following websites: or Furthermore, we hereby inform you that it is necessary to obtain your prior and informed consent for the installation and use of “Targeting or Advertising Cookies”. For this reason, in case of use of “Targeting or Advertising Cookie” you shall be presented upon accessing the Website with a first “brief” information notice in which you will be explained which “third-party” cookies may be used and that if you continue to use the Website by accessing any of its sections or if you select any element on it (for example, an image or a link) such action will mean that you give your consent for the use of such cookies. Furthermore, in that brief information notice you will find a link to this policy that provides detailed information on the use of cookies and on how to refuse giving your consent to their installation or on how to choose which specific cookies to authorise.

2) The processing of personal data collected with the aforementioned cookies shall be carried out in a non-automated, partially automated or fully automated manner. In case of use of cookies in automated decision-making processes, we hereby inform you that you have the right not to be subjected to a decision based solely on automated processing and therefore you may at any time request and obtain human intervention from the Data Controller, express your opinion and challenge the final decision made.

The processing may consist of the following operations: collection, registration, organisation, storage, consultation, use, development, modification, selection, extraction, comparison, interconnection, transmission, communication, dissemination, cancellation, destruction, blocking, and limitation.

The processing shall be carried out both with the use of printed media and with the support of electronic, IT and telematic tools suitable to guarantee the security and confidentiality of the data, pursuant to the provisions of article 32) of the European Privacy Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR), of article 31) of Legislative Decree no. 196/03 on “appropriate security measures”, and of article 33) of Legislative Decree no. 196/03 on “minimum security measures”. Nevertheless, all technical, IT, organisational, logistical, and procedural security measures shall be employed in carrying out the processing operations, as provided for in Appendix B to Legislative Decree no. 196/03, in order to guarantee the minimum level of data protection required by law. The methodologies mentioned above applied in the processing shall guarantee access to data only to the subjects specified in paragraph 4).

3) The provision and processing of data collected with Strictly Necessary Cookies, Performance Cookies or Analytics Cookies, Functionality Cookies, Flash Cookies or Local Shared Objects is optional, but necessary for the correct configuration, management and use of this Website. Any potential refusal to accept these cookies, even for legitimate reasons, could make it impossible to browse under normal conditions and/ or to correctly use the online services. The provision and processing of the data collected with “Targeting or Advertising Cookies” is, instead, optional and requires your prior consent.

4) The subjects or the categories of subjects that may gain knowledge of the data or to which the personal data collected with the cookies may be communicated are as follows:

  • the Legal Representative of the Data Controller, the Data Processors;
  • Management, Administration and Finance, Human Resources and Organisation, Commercial and Sales, the Technical Department, Information Systems, Procurement and Supplies, the Secretariat, Customer Service and the Legal Department;
  • Data Processors: Consultants and Consulting Companies, Software House and ITC Companies, Freelancers, Independent Workers, Technical and Engineering Offices, Agents and Representative Agencies, Marketing and Advertising Agencies, Banking and Insurance Institutions, Credit Recovery Companies, Auditors and Auditing Firms, Chartered Accountants, Labour Consultancy Offices, Law Offices, Notary Offices, Transport and Logistics Companies, Physicians and Medical Practices, and Third Parties.
    The personal data may also be disseminated, but only in aggregate and in anonymised form, and only for statistical purposes.

5)The personal data may also be disclosed to Public Authorities, Police Forces or other Public and Private Subjects, but exclusively for the purpose of observing legal requirements or European regulations or legislation. The data in question shall not be disclosed to subjects other than those listed in this statement, and the data that may reveal the health condition of the person concerned shall in no case be disseminated.

6) “Third Party Targeting or Advertising Cookies” may also be used in the management of the Website. Advertisers and other subjects may therefore use these cookies to collect information on the activities carried out online and/ or on the advertisements displayed and/ or with which there has been an online interaction. This information could be used by these subjects to propose targeted advertising based on the interests shown while browsing the internet or to measure the effectiveness of online advertising. Given that these cookies are installed and managed directly by third parties and that their use could be changed over time without us receiving prior notification, we can not verify the correctness and lawfulness of their use. For this reason, below are the links to the webpages of the third party websites to which you may refer in order to manage their respective cookies:

-Adobe Omniture:;

-Google Adwords:;

-Google Analytics:;


In order to achieve greater transparency, it is further noted that this Website also features services for interacting with social networks. The information collected with this website is in any case subject to the user’s privacy settings on each social network, and it is possible that it collects traffic data related to the pages on which it is installed even if users do not use the service. More specifically, we summarise below the services for interacting with social networks that are found on the pages of the Website, with links to their respective Privacy Policies:

– Like button and Facebook widget (Facebook Inc.)
Integration services with the social network Facebook provided by Facebook Inc.
Personal data collected: cookies and usage data.
For more information: Privacy Policy

– +1 button and Google+ widget (Google Inc.)
Integration services with the social network Google+ provided by Google Inc.
Personal data collected: cookies and usage data.
For more information: Privacy Policy

– Tweet button and Twitter widget (Twitter Inc.)
Integration services with the social network Twitter provided by Twitter Inc.
Personal data collected: cookies and usage data.
For more information: Privacy Policy

– The website also uses AddToAny through third party cookies.
This service allows you to share on social networks pages and news from our website. AddToAny may transmit information to third parties if so required by law or if such third parties process such information on behalf of AddToAny. We have no control over the way AddToAny and/ or third parties use the data. We recommend that you read the privacy statement of AddToAny to find out how they are processing your personal data, even those personal ones, through these cookies. Please note that AddToAny may refer to various social network providers, and each of them have their own privacy policy. We do not own these cookies; for more information you may consult the information provided by AddToAny at the following address: Privacy Policy.

7) You may at any time refuse to accept cookies simply by selecting on your browser the settings allowing you to reject them. Further information on the procedures to be followed in order to disable cookies may be found on the website of your browser provider or through the “help” tools available in the help section of your browser. To make things simple, we attach below the links to the main browser providers on the market:
Internet Explorer:;
In any case, it will always be possible to delete cookies from your computer’s hard drive at any time. Please note that not all features of the Website may be available if cookies are disabled.

8) The data processed may also be processed and transferred, for the purposes referred to in paragraph 1) and in accordance with the procedures referred to in paragraph 2), to subjects referred to in paragraph 4) coming from member states of the European Union or from outside the European Union on the basis of an Adequacy Decision issued by the European Commission, of a Guarantee for Adequate Data Protection or of an Authorisation from the Data Protection Authority.

9) In any case you may always ask the Data Controller to give you a copy of your personal data and the information about the type of cookies used, the location where your personal data is processed and an updated list with the identification details of all the Data Processors and System Administrators authorised to process your data.

10) You may freely revoke the consent given at any time and without any charge and prejudice to the lawfulness of the treatment carried out up to that point, and you may exercise the following rights in your capacity as party subject to the processing of their personal data by the Data Controller as provided for by the European Privacy Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and by Legislative Decree no. 196/03: – Access; Correction; Cancellation; Limitation; Opposition; Portability; Complaint to the Data Protection Authority.


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