Coronavirus and the logistic operations

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The current scenario in Italy and China

The situation related to the logistic impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) is quickly evolving: as international freight forwarders, we receive constant updates from the carrier, the consolidators, truckers and the logistic partners we are cooperating with.

Italian ports and airports operations

Following preventive safety measures taken by the Italian authorities to prevent the spread of coronavirus (Covid-19) after its outbreak in Wuhan, Italian terminals, ports of call and airports continue to be regularly operational, albeit with the cautions and critical issues that the current situation imposes.

Fedespedi (National Federation of International Freight Forwarding Companies) reports the inconvenience caused by prolonged time frames for checking imported goods from non-EU countries (not only from China) in many Italian ports and airports.

On a logistical level, only areas under quarantine by the government cannot be reached. The areas under quarantine are 10 smaller cities located in Lombardia and Veneto:

  • Betonico (26821)
  • Castiglione D‘Adda (26823)
  • Castelgerundo (26844)
  • Maleo (26847)
  • Terranova dei P. (26827)
  • Codogno (26845)
  • San Fiorano(26848)
  • Somaglia (26867)
  • Fombio (26861)
  • Casalpusterlengo (26841)
  • Vò Euganeo (35030)


China: the slow recovery

We are starting receiving good news from China: the recovery of production in some factories, which has been suspended or slowed down for the fourteen-day quarantine imposed on workers.

A phenomenon that has affected the entire logistics chain, with the consequent shortage of staff in warehouses, ports and drivers. The situation depends on the regions of the country: for example, in the areas of Tianjin, Dalian, Shanghai and Qingdao it seems that 80% of industrial production has resumed, while many plants are still stopped in Ningbo. The situation will remain precarious at least until the end of February, also as regards transport, which suffers mainly from the shortage of drivers of industrial vehicles.

Even the hold of the planes has shrunk because several companies have suspended passenger flights, thus cutting belly capacity. The train is seen as a viable alternative for transport to Europe, even if it does not have enough capacity to replace ships.


Safety of goods arriving from China

As reiterated by the Ministry of Health, we would also like to underline the absence of risk of contagion from Coronavirus (COVID-19) through goods arriving from China.

Oms says “”from the experience gained with other coronaviruses, these types of viruses are not they survive for a long time on objects”.



We continue to be regularly operational and are available for any doubts on your international shipping!



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