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Dakar looks for quartzite in Brazil!

The cross trade shipment becomes more interesting when it involves three continents: South America, Africa and Italy.

Our Italian client is a building contractor in Senegal, he manages several construction projects in Dakar. One of the material selected for the outdoor flooring and the wall coverings was the quartzite from Brazil. Quartzite is a metamorphic rock widely used in the construction sector, being good in resistance against erosion and weathering.

Although the Italian company was responsible for purchasing the material and choosing the freight forwarder, the import was carried out directly in the name and burden of the Senegalese end customer, owner of the villa.

Why did our client nominate us for this cross trade shipment? Mainly for two reasons: the relationship of trust established while assisting him for other sea freight shipments from Italy to Senegal. The second reason is our experience on the Brazilian market gained thanks to the sea freight shipments we regularly handle to Brazil.

We organized the cross trade with FOB Incoterm from Rio de Janeiro to Dakar.



As happened with our Italian client working abroad, we are able to support any type of cross trade shipments, by communicating also with any type of international company.

Our motto? Offering tailor made logistics services and building relationships of trust.


Don’t hesitate to contact us for any type of cross trade booking! We’ll provide you a”white gloves” service!

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