Cross Trade from China by Air Freight Shipment

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The Midsummer Night’s Dream or Christmas Carol.. handling a cross trade from China during the company closure period of our client.. It’s not an invented story!

Managing an International Air Freight Shipment during the Summer or Christmas company ‘s break is possible


Handling this Cross Trade from China was like wearing the clothes of the trusted neighbor you leave your house keys to during your absence.

While our Italian client had closed the company for summer break, we were managing for him an International Air Freight Shipment of two pallets containing paper bags from China to Belgium.

The parties involved in the cross trade from China were four: the Chinese supplier of our client, who had sold to his Spanish customer. Spanish company that has asked to deliver the goods directly to the Belgian client.

Asian Logistics, as unique logistics referent, well managed this cross trade from China, cooperating with trusted partners in the involved countries. Being the only main shipment coordinator, we could control the whole process and protect the identity of the suppliers that needed to remain secret.

To optimize the delivery of the goods, the times and the costs of our International Air Freight shipment, we chose Amsterdam as destination airport, followed by a truck directed to Belgium. The biggest European hub offers wide range of flights and facilitates the tax and customs operations.



With shipments of this complexity, it is important to manage every single step in a very meticulous way.

When our client reopened, we gave him back “his house keys” , and he thanked us for the succesfull delivery.


Don’t hesitate to contact us for any type of Cross Trade and International Freight Shipment!



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