The most beautiful marble slabs are shipped by air freight

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Branch office in the United States and final client in South Korea: the Italian glass mosaic tiles make the cross trade really colorful

Why does an Italian client need to do a cross trade shipment by air freight? For several reasons: the presence of branch offices abroad, the urgent delivery time and the high value of the goods.

Our client is an Italian leading producer of color glass mosaic tiles and marble slabs, having a branch office in the USA.

In collaboration with our American and South Korean logistic partners, we organized a cross trade shipment by air freight, with departure from Miami and arrival at Incheon airport.

For commercial needs, the American office invoiced to the Italian headquarter, which in turn, billed the final South Korean client: we are talking about a real triangle shipment involving three countries based in three different continents.

How was issued the AWB our cross trade shipment by air freight? In line with the invoice, the air waybill indicated as shipper the US branch and as consignee the Italian headquarter.



Any doubts? Contact us for your cross trade shipments by air freight, we’ll provide you a tailor-made solution!

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