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From India to Italy .. with “warmth”!

In Door-to-Door delivery, a single subject assumes the responsibility of performing (or having performed) the entire transport cycle from the sender to the receiver, even with multiple means of transport.

Here is an example of door-to-door deliveries that we recently managed. We are talking about container sea freight shipments from India to Italy.

As international freight forwarders, we managed the entire transport phase, from goods collection at supplier’s warehouse to the final delivery address in Italy.

Considering the out-of-shape measures of the goods, consisting of boilers destined for the chemical-pharmaceutical sector, the type of container required was flat rack, that has walls only at the short end of the container.

In cooperation with our overseas freight forwarding partner, we managed the logistic operations in India. After picking up the goods at shipper’s factory, cargo has been stuffed and lashed with belts on the flat rack container. Last but not least, the completion of the customs formalities before loading.

Port of Loading: Nava Sheva; Port of Discharge: Venice.

Once carried out the import customs clearance, we organized the collection of the flat rack containers from the port to our warehouse, right next to Asian Logistics Agencies headquarter.

After completing the unstuffing and unlashing operations, goods were reloaded on trucks and finally delivered at the Italian importer’s premises.



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