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The artist’s “souls” pass through the Grand Canal for a new exciting exhibition

About two years after the collaboration with Lorenzo Quinn (transport of the work Baby 3.0), we had the pleasure of undertaking a new logistical challenge always connected to the Italian-American figurative sculptor.

It is called “Anime di Venezia – Souls of Venice”, the new creation by Lorenzo Quinn which will be exhibited in Venice, from 20 April to 15 September 2024, in honor of the celebrations of the Anniversary of Marco Polo 700 years after his death, coinciding with the 60th La Biennale art exhibition.

The work, made up of 15 statues made of mesh, a metal weave, represents some of the most significant Souls in the centuries of the Serenissima, sealing the union and symbiosis between the City and all its Arts, expressed by the Venetians who l ‘they made immortal.

Directly commissioned by the artist, we took care of the logistical part connected to these beautiful artworks.

After coordinating the arrival of the artworks in Venice (coming from the headquarter in Barcellona), we arranged the boat transportation in the lagoon and the delivery in the Androne of Ca’ Rezzonico, the splendid and imposing building overlooking the Grand Canal.

Once completed the unstuffing operations and the installation, we collected the empty wooden boxes and brought them at our warehouse.

The packing will be stored until approximately mid-September 2024, at the end of the exhibition.


The exhibition at Ca’ Rezzonico actually had a special preview: the arrival of a sculpture made by Lorenzo Quinn depicting Marco Polo, that we delivered by boat right at the entrance to the Doge’s Apartments, in the Doge’s Palace.

Marco Polo is part of “The worlds of Marco Polo. The journey of a thirteenth-century Venetian merchant”, the major exhibition-main event of the Poliano celebrations, organized by the Civic Museums Foundation and open from 6 April to 29 September 2024.


Video material and pictures kindly provided by Claudia Pinzini as official social media manager of Lorenzo Quinn artist


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