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From 20 June 2020 it is no longer a dilemma! The goods entering the country must be accompanied by a Certificate of Conformity

On June 20, the Verification of Conformity Programme (VoC) applicable to products imported into the Kingdom of Morocco officially entered into force.

With the new legislation, the majority of industrial products imported into Morocco must be accompanied by Certificates of Conformity issued in the country of origin of the product by one of the following three companies selected by the Moroccan Government: the French Bureau Veritas, the German TUV Rheinland and the Spanish ApplusFomento; and the indication of the company or laboratory that issued it.

The new system entered into force after the expiry of the transition period initially established from 1 February to 19 April 2020, then extended until 19 June 2020 due to the state of emergency health, as announced by the Moroccan Minister of Industry, Trade and Green and Digital Economy.

The goal is to improve the safety and quality of products, protecting consumers and the environment from non-compliant products and trade from unfair competition and counterfeiting.

The products subject to verification are:

  • Electrical Products
  • Construction materials (pipes, sheets, sanitary equipment, insulation, wooden panels, cement, windows, glass…)
  • Gas/oil appliances
  • Toys, Parks and baskets for children, furniture
  • Textiles, shoes, PPE, motorcycle helmets
  • Detergents, packaging / plastic bags
  • Kitchen articles, tableware
  • Matches, lighters
  • Paints, bitumen
  • Baby diapers
  • Tyres, automotive parts..

Some of these products are subject to verification on arrival only.

Companies that import goods to transform them into finished products in Morocco will be exempt from the obligation of certification of conformity. For these products, certification will be carried out in the country at the end of the production cycle. Companies that produce spare parts for cars already certified “Salamatouna” (national labeling system dedicated to the automotive sector) are also excluded from the new system.

More detailed details are available on the Moroccan government website, available in Arabic, French and English.


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