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The logistics of the luxury furniture Made in Italy lands in the UAE .. with DDP delivery


Door-to-door delivery to Atlantis Resort, Palm Jumeirah Island, Dubai

A door-to-door delivery is a type of shipping service where items are picked up at the door of the sender and delivered to the recipient’s door.

We recently arranged a door-to-door delivery of luxury furniture Made in Italy with final delivery in Dubai.

Goods, collected from several High End Furniture Brands mainly located in Veneto and Lombardia regions (North of Italy), have been consolidated inside one unique container.


Container has departed from Port of Venice, Italy.

Once arrived and discharged at Jebel Ali Port terminal, in the UAE, container has been unstuffed at the local warehouse and last mile delivery handled using a small truck. Heavy goods vehicles are not allowed to enter that particular area.

Indeed, the delivery address was located on an exclusive building at the Palm Jumeirah Island in Dubai: the Atlantis Resort.


The logistics of luxury furniture: “white gloves” delivery service

A “white gloves” delivery service is a specialized transportation service for fragile or high value items, such as artworks, luxury goods, furniture etc. and it’s handled with the highest level of care and attention for a stress-free experience.

We supported our customer with this type of service, including the unpacking of the items, the removal and disposal of the packaging.

DDP delivery

For this door-to-door shipment the agreed incoterm delivery was DDP.

Under delivered duty paid (DDP), the seller is responsible for the cost of transporting goods until customs clears them for import at the destination.


Contact us for your international door-to-door delivery to/from Italy shipments connected to any worldwide destination!

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