IMO 2020: a sea of challenges

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IMO 2020: sustainability, fuel increase and competitiveness of the Italian ports

The new rules on the ships’ emissions entering into force from January 2020 will require the use of cleaner but more expensive fuels.

Carriers will prefer to reduce as much as possible the navigation’s route in order to reduce consumption. This could make Italian ports more competitive for ships arriving from or to Asia.

According to the marketing director of Contship Italia Group, as officially reported by the daily Trasporto Europa, carriers have already announced to the shippers price increases of 20-30%.

IMO 2020 could generate an extra-cost industry of 15 billion dollars: a percentage between 50% and 75% is expected to be applied to the goods.



In light of these considerations and while waiting for more developments, we do also have some questions.

Will there be any important consequences for the international trade? Will this represent an opportunity for the Italian ports?


While waiting for the answer, don’t hesitate to contact us for your sea freight shipments!

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