IMO 2020 coming soon: the future of the sea transport is green

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Imo 2020 among environmental protection and increased costs: the fuel adjustment begins from 1st December 2019

The sea transport is getting ready to face the green challenge. The official date is fast approaching.

From 1st January 2020, IMO 2020 regulation will come into force to reduce air pollution from ships globally. Whereas today ships can use fuel with up to 3.5% Sulphur content (outside Emission Control Areas), the new global Sulphur cap will be 0.5%.

For this reason, shipping companies will have to adapt their structures to the new legislation, investing in more advanced technologies.

Vessel operators have the following choices to comply with the new IMO 2020 sulphur limits: use scrubbers technology to remove pollutants from the ship’s exhaust, switch to non-petroleum-based fuels, such as Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), switch to a Very Low Sulphur Fuel (VLSF) or MGO that complies with the new rules (Most likely choice).

This will lead to an increase in the sea  transport rates. Starting from 1st December 2019 (B / L date), many carriers will apply the additional LSS (Low Sulfur Surcharge) IMO 2020 to cover the increase in fuel costs. We remain at your complete disposal for further information and any doubts.

IMO 2020 represents a real revolution in the sea transport’s sector, with a positive impact on nature but still with many uncertainties, liked the precise costs’ increases.

We welcome this initiative aimed at preserving and protecting the beautiful world where we live.

As freight forwarders, we will continue to offer you the best service at the most competitive prices, certainly with a green touch.


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