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The appointment with the marble expoters & importers goes on after Marmomac Exhibition!

69,000 trade operators from 154 countries and 1,650 companies from 61 countries attended the 54th edition of Marmomac, the world’s landmark exhibition in the natural stone, machinery, processing technology and applied design sector.  An increase of 1000 visitors confirms the impressive internationality of the event, by now at 62% and also the importance of this sector.

We are talking about a market that is close to 18 billion euros in global trade, where Italy maintains its record of quality and added value, in particular, for finished products and processing technologies.

The companies in the marble sector are, in Italy, 3,251, with 33,800 employees and with a production value of 4 billion euro, for a total export of 2.9 billion (1.8 billion of marble and stones, for 78, 1% worked, and 1.1 billion euros of technologies). Italian imports amount to € 332.5 million. (

Let’s focus on the international transport: what about the marble logistics services?

Let’s talk about the international transport of marble with a specific example: one of our clients regularly imports from India marble blocks by sea freight.

He purchases the cargo from an Indian supplier with incoterm FOB, departure from the port of Mundra, arrival at port of La Spezia. The company is equipped with the overhead crane for handling blocks, but it’s not equipped to unload containers. That’s why our client relies on us for the marble logistics services.

Once arrives in La Spezia Port, container is transferred to our warehouse: here we handle the container destuffing and the marble blocks are reloaded on a truck with open platform in order to facilitate the unloading operations at the company.

In general, when importing or exporting this type of goods, marble logistics needs may be different: the companies could be already equipped to handle the stuffing or unstuffing operations by themselves (they own high-capacity forklifts etc..)



Other tips? For the sea freight shipment, some carriers may request a precise number of wooden rails and straps to better fix the blocks and to avoid movements during the navigation.


Any doubts about the international transport and the marble logistics services? Contact us for a personalized advice!



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