It’s international exhibition’s time: did you make the “goods passport”?

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From 1 April, the release of the ATA CARNET, operated by the Chamber of Commerce, takes place exclusively electronically

From 1 April 2023, the release of the ATA CARNET in Italy, operated by the Chamber of Commerce, takes place exclusively electronically.

The new issuance procedure requires the use of the Cert’O platform, already used for other documents of interest by operators who carry out operations with foreign countries (e.g. certificate of origin). The operator must register on the portal and log in using a digital signature device, such as the National Services Card (CNS).

What is ATA CARNET ?

The ATA Carnet is an international customs document that allows the temporary export of goods to non-EU countries that are part of the ATA Convention, and to other EU territories.

The ATA carnet allows duty-free and VAT-free exports, provided that the relevant goods are re-imported within the dates indicated on it. The ATA carnet constitutes a useful alternative to the usual customs procedure for temporary import-export since it simplifies customs clearance operations. It also exempts the owner of the Carnet from the obligation to file security or an amount of customs duties (so as to give a guarantee that the goods will not be re-exported) at the customs of the country of temporary import.


Types of carnet

  • Basic ATA Carnet: it allows two trips abroad; It does not allow additional sheets; It expires once the operations allowed by the preset number of sheets are completed, regardless of its expiration date.
  • Standard ATA Carnet: it allows up to four trips; It allows adding new sheets by the expiration date of the Carnet.
  • CPD China-Taiwan: it allows the temporary export or transit of goods through Taiwan only (China, instead, is currently a member of the ATA Convention).


Exportable goods that can transit with an ATA carnet include professional materials, commercial samples, and goods for fairs, exhibitions, and other similar events (except for foodstuffs).
Some countries have adhered to the ATA Convention for specific categories of such goods.

Non-exportable goods include consumable goods, brochures, perishables, elements of production processes, spare parts, and gadgets.
To ship/handle non-exportable goods, you have to consult the competent customs office. The Carnet is valid for up to 12 months from the date of issue.

“ATA” stands for the combined French and English words “Admission Temporaire – Temporary Admission.”


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