Venice and Japan: union is strength!

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Japan Week in Venice and the Japan Ue agreement (Jefta): the flowers are Porto Marghera as well!

From the entry into force on 1st February 2019, the Japan Ue agreement (Jefta) has begun to show its fruits.

Our increased traffic of shipments from Italy to Japan reflects the official statistics. “In the first half of 2019 (compared to the same period in 2018), Italian exports towards the Land of the Rising Sun have increased by over 17%, amounting to more than 3.6 billion euros and a volume of traffic- on the year – which should reach 6.7 billion. “(

Commercial, but also cultural, exchanges between Italy and Japan are going really well: the Japan Week in the city of our headquarter is the new initiative in the spotlight. It’s taking place from 27th to 6th September in Venice. A series of all-encompassing events – institutional, economic, environmental, cultural and three exhibitions – will take place for the first time in Venice, organized by the Italy Japan Foundation, with the support of the Mayor of Venice, Mr. Luigi Brugnaro, and the support of Venice International University – VIU.

As reported by the official sources (, on 17 August the Foreign Minister of Japan, Taro Kono, met the mayor Luigi Brugnaro in Venice: the purpose of the visit, in forecast of the Japan Week in Venice, was focused on the close relations, both cultural and economic, between the city of Venice and Japan.


Another topic of great interest is the investments that Japanese companies are making to develop the metropolitan area, starting with the 2,200 hectares of Porto Marghera.

We welcome with open arms the initiatives related to both cultural and commercial exchange with Japan, and to the redevelopment of the port area to which we are particularly fond: the surroundings of Asian Logistics. (

Of course we will be happy to support you for any requests concerning the logistics services, related also to the events and the Fine Art Transport, and any type of international shipments to / from Japan.



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