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The Italian government signs decree to kick off phase two

On April 26 the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, signed the new Decree (Dpcm April 26, 2020) which provides for new provisions starting from next May 4 and up to and including May 18, thus initiating Phase 2 in the management of the emergency due to Covid-19.

The new decree plans to ease the restrictions it imposed seven weeks ago to curb the spread of the coronavirus.
People will be allowed to visit their relatives in small numbers, within the borders of one’s region.
The key word is “compulsory social distancing”.

The new provision outlines the economic activities that will reopen from next May 4 (in addition to the ones that were already operational, see our article):

  • companies in the manufacturing, construction and related wholesale businesses;
  • takeaway activities for bars and restaurants (which adds to the already permitted possibility of carrying out home-based activities);
  • companies in the textile and fashion sector;
  • car manufacturing companies;
  • furniture factories;
  • companies that manufacture and market glass


Freight transport and logistics

Regarding the freight transport and logistics, the new provision also includes the guidelines to prevent the spread of Covid-19, which also incorporate those previously established by the Ministry of Transport.

The Decree establishes that the companies that remain closed in any case will be able to complete “the activities necessary for the suspension, including the shipment of the goods in stock, within three days from the adoption of the modification Decree or in any case from the provision that determines the suspension”. For activities subject to suspension, it is also permitted, “upon communication to the Prefect, the shipment of goods in stock as well as the receipt of goods and supplies to third parties”.

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