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Sea freight shipment of steel tubes coming from India and transloading operation from container to truck: a strong alloy

Is it possible to talk about “solid” logistics services? Of course, when the goods category concerns bundles of steel tubes weighing about 1200 kg. each. and about 4 meters long.

The sea freight shipment was coming from India and arriving in Genova, to Italy. Container type: 20’DV.

We provided our logistic services according to the instructions of the importing company. The importer is one of the main Italian producers of special rolling bearings having several specific application, from automotive to robotics, from mechanical power transmissions to textile machines.

After the transfer to the logistic warehouse in Genoa, tubes were transloaded from the container on a truck that could be opened laterally in order to facilitate the unloading operations at the company.

After being placed on some wooden planks on the truck, the bundles of tubes were carefully fixed with adequate straps, safety during the transport first!


Steel importation from India to Italy

As reported by the magazine Siderweb, last year the Italian-Indian steel trade saw almost 1.5 million tons of steel products moving between the two countries, with a contribution especially from New Delhi, which exported to Italy volumes about 10 times higher than Italian exports.

In the three-year period under review (2016-2018) sales of Indian steel in Italy rose from 769,432 tons to 1.252 million tons, registering an increase of 62.8%. The best year for the exporters of the subcontinent, was 2017, when 1.534 million tons of steel products arrived in Italy, while in 2018, perhaps due also to the imposition of customs barriers, the volumes decreased by 18.4%.

In the near future, considering the expected growth of the Indian steel industry, Italy will probably increase its importations from the Asian country, while Italian exports should remain in a limited volume. (



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