Operational Impact of Earthquake in Turkey and Syria

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Closure of the Port of Iskenderun and extensive damage to road connections, delays on other ports and airports

Following yesterday’s large earthquake in Turkey and Syria, we would like to give some updates on what to expect for goods arriving to ports and airports.

Ten major cities of the Turkish region have been heavily affected.

As it is already known, LimakPort Iskenderun, located in the Mediterranean coastal town of Iskenderun in the southern Turkish province of Hatay, was severely damaged, forcing the port authority to suspend the port’s operations.

This port handles approximately 40,000 TEU per month hence this will have significant impact on cargo flow to/from eastern Turkey and Syria. (https://www.linkedin.com/posts/larsjensenvespuccimaritime)

Mersin port is relatively away from the earthquake area but was already congested before the earthquake and it is unclear at this stage whether there will be further delays or not.

Global container carriers are taking measures to deal with the operational difficulties in the region. Maersk and COSCO have already published customer advisories to inform about the impact on their operations and services.

The impact of the quake has affected also the surrounding roads, making it difficult for the movement of cargo.

Airports are also experiencing delays and priority is being given to aid, humanitarian and emergency rescue shipments.


All our thoughts and deepest condolence for the victims in Turkey and Syria.


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