Waves of color invade the streets of Asian Logistics

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Mural festival “Pow!Wow!” in Marghera: we are pleased to welcome the largest mural painting festival in the world

Artists, talents, scaffolding, abstract forms, stylized lines, harmonic lines, black and white, bright colors … In a few words? A wave of vivacity just a few steps from our headquarter!

From Monday 6 May we have the possibility and the honour of admiring this suggestive scenario.

The best known street art festival in the world has chosen the Marghera’s industrial area as an ideal location, coinciding with the beginning of the 58th Venice Art Biennale.

22 internationally renowned artists have joined “Pow!Wow!” festival, event curated and directed by Federico Hausammann and supposed to end tomorrow 11 May.

The project intends to “support a definitive and original redevelopment of the industrial area on the basis of successful experiences already realized in 18 cities around the world, including San Francisco, Long Beach and Washington DC.”(da Veneziatoday.it)



The area involved in the initiative is part of the industrial zone, already subject of an important reconversion into a port logistics platform between 1998 and 2008.

We consider this artistic event an important step that aims to enhance this area we are particularly fond to: the surroundings of Asian Logistics.


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