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The scale of the Food & Beverage international shipping leans in favor of the Italian Products

According to the analyzes of Coldiretti, which is the largest association representing Italian agriculture, the Made in Italy food has reached a historical record reaching the holiday tables all over the world with a turnover of 3.5 billion euros in the month of Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

One of the main protagonists of on “foreign tables” is the sparkling wine Spumante which, thanks to an increase in value of 4%, sets a new record, in line with the growth of the entire wine sector (which is also on the rise by 4%).

Other successful products are the made in Italy caviar, which marks a boom growth on international markets (+ 18%), and typical desserts such as panettone, increasing the 11 percent in value.
Traditional stuffed pasta made in the winter period, such as tortellini and cappelli (+ 8%) is also very appreciated.

The demand for Italian cheeses also rose, showing a 12% increase in exports, as well as the request of hams, cotechini and salami (+ 3%). (


The food and beverage transport and logistics

The food and beverage transport and logistics play an important role which requires the expertise of professionals in this sector in order to deliver fresh and intact products all over the world.

Our experience on food and beverage transport and logistics ranges from the most varied products: from pasta to sweet products, from tomato sauce to coffee, from fresh products such as milk, chocolate (case history refrigerated transport to Libya) to beverage (wine logistic case history).

You can rely on us for the following services:

  • Food & beverage logistics and sea freight from Italy to any international destination
  • Refrigerated transport
  • Food & beverage logistics and air freight
  • Cross trade shipping
  • Rail transport China/Europe – Europe/China
  • Goods customs clearance
  • Worldwide logistic partners’ network


Do you need a freight forwarder in Italy handling food & beverage logistics and international shipping services? Here we are!


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