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Milan Furniture Fair is taking place: the sales contract and the letter of credit for Algeria have been negotiated, any doubts about transport?

“Inshallah!” is a phrase commonly used by the Arabic-speakers to refer to events that one hopes will happen in the future: we say Inshallah to welcome the forthcoming Milan Furniture Fair.

A possible situation during the Exhibition could be a sale contract between an Italian company and an Algerian customer. In this regard we want to share our experience in the furnishing & design sector about the sea freight shipments and air freight shipments to Algeria.

The sea freight shipments and air freight shipments to non EU countries have the same customs procedure of any other standard shipment of general cargo. Required documents:

  • Sales invoice of the exporting company
  • If not present on the invoice, it is necessary to attach a packing-list indicating the number of packages, the gross and net weight, and preferably the HS CODE of the articles (in case of goods FREE OF CHARGE you have to indicate the “value only for customs purposes”)
  • Dual use declaration must be filled out with signature and stamp (on the headed paper of the exporting company), accompanied by the identity document of the legal representative.
Dual use declaration


Regarding the sea freight shipments and air freight shipments to Algeria, there are some important rules to respect, like indicating on all transport documents (bill of lading, air waybill – AWB ) the NIF code (Numero d’Identification Fiscale), compulsory from 1st September 2015 according to the Algerian Customs Authority.

Sometimes it’s better to insert NIF code on all export documents (EXA, invoices..).

EUR1 movement certificate could be then requested as proof of preferential origin of the goods. The Algerian importer must present the original copy to the local customs authorities to get the preferential tariff treatment on the imported products.

EUR1 Declaration model



If the Italian supplier and the Algerian client establish the letter of credit as payment method, it’s compulsory to follow its instructions on the required documents (languages to use, original BL, how to issue them etc..) and the methods of trasport.

The letter of credit specifies for example if the transshipment is allowed or not, if it is possible to do partial shipments for the same order.

If it requests a latest date of shipment, then the shipment must be completed on or before the latest date of shipment indicated in the credit.

One of the most important transport document is the Bill of lading (and the Air Waybill). The LC provides precise details about the

shipper, the consignee, the notify, the goods description etc..

Any other doubts about necessary export documents to Algeria? Inshallah we will help you!


Rely on our experience about the sea freight shipments and air freight shipments to Algeria and contact us to get a competitive quotation!


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