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India and United Arab Emirates: the Next Destination for our recycled paper’ sea freight shipments

The international shipments of recycled paper, classified as secondary raw materials, are treated as general cargo shipments, which is different from the transboundary shipment of waste.

Recently, we have shipped 20x’40’HC of recycled paper from Italy, 10 of them were directed to India and 10 to the United Arab Emirates.

The sea freight shipment to Jebel Ali and the sea freight shipment to Mundra had two different types of corrugated boards.

As our client declared in the dual use declaration for customs clearance, the recycled paper was classified as secondary raw materials (UNI EN 643 – FAS) and not as::

  • WASTE. Products not to be considered as waste and not included in the list under the Legislative Decree No n. 2 del 5.2.97 2 and subsequently amended and supplemented
  • y923 product not subject to the provisions of Regulation (EC) No. 1013/2006 (GUCE L190)

It is very important to highlight this point, with regard to the sea freight shipment to Jebel Ali: in the Arab Emirates, importation of paper classified as waste is prohibited, whereas India, for example, includes waste paper in the green list.

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Generally, the secondary raw materials remain expressly excluded from the waste regime, whether they derive from recovery activities identified by specific decrees (DM 5.2.1998, DM 161/2002, DM 269/2005) or they are those identified through ordinary authorization procedures (art. 9 bis letters a) and b) of law no. 210/2008.


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