Sea freight shipments with the beat of Brazilian Samba!

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When Rio de Janeiro Carnival begins, the sea freight shipments to Brazil become colorful

What better occasion than Rio de Janeiro Carnival’s week to talk about sea freight shipments to Brazil?

Some goods category’s example we ship to Brazil? 100% made in Italy glass articles.

Handling sea freight shipments to Brazil requires a precise knowledge about the Import  (and Export) Brazilian Legislation.

To mention some important rules, when issuing the Bill of lading it’s mandatory to indicate:

  • The consignee (and notify)’s full address including the CNPJ (Tax ID number of the legal entity) or CPF (in case of an individual)
  • The total cargo measurement in cubic meters for each container
  • The gross weight (without container tare) in kilograms, for each container
  • The goods description and NCM (Harmonized cargo Code)
  • Issuing original bill of lading
  • BLs must be duly freighted. Ocean freight on the house BL must have the same or higher ocean freight than the master BL

Moreover, as stated by Brazilian Regulation of wood packaging material (Instrução Normativa Mapa nº32/2015), it’s mandatory to specify on the bill of lading the wood packaging used during the shipment as per below:

  • Wooden Packing: Not applicable
  • Wooden Packing: Not treated and not certified
  • Wooden Packing: Treated and certified
  • Wooden Packing: processed



For more information about sea freight shipments to/from Brazil, please don’t hesitate to contact us! For more information about Rio de Janeiro Carnival..well, you should check it yourselves!


Rely on our preparation and experience. Thanks also to the strong support of our Brazilian Logistics partner, we are able to provide you a great service. Contact us!




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