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Preferential origin or preferred destination? Both of them!

The sea freight shipment is auspicious when the EUR1 is directed to Buenaventura Port, Colombia!

When the arrival’s port of the sea freight shipment means “Good luck” and it requires the EUR1 movement certificate, how couldn’t it become the most preferred destination?

In this terms, the underlying theme is the preferential origin status of the flow-wrapping machineries inside the 17 containers we shipped to Colombia.

Preferential origin status confers certain tariff benefits (entry at a reduced or zero rate of duty) on goods fulfilling certain criteria. The preferential tariff treatment is applied to European Union (EU) imports from countries that have trade agreements with the EU. EUR1 movement certificate is used as proof of preferential origin, as happened with this sea freight shipment to Colombia.

List of Eur1 countries

In general, in order to release it, the customs authority requires the supplier’s declaration for goods of preferential origin.

EUR1 Declaration model

Did we get the Eur1 movement certificate are you wondering? Of course! Once issued and submitted it to the import customs clearance in Buenaventura, the flow-wrapping machineries could benefit of the preferential tariff treatment.

Suspicious about your next shipment? Asian Logistics will make it auspicious!


Please don’t hesitate to contact us for your sea freight shipment requiring EUR1 movement certificate!



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