Sea freight shipping from Italy to Egypt: the pharaonic cargo transport

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The difference between sea cargo transport in the age of Pharaohs and modern era? Eur1 movement certificate did not exist!

We’ve never been so inspired to talk about sea freight shipping from Italy to Egypt than now.. Studies have recently revealed that some wooden beams recovered near the base of the Great Pyramid of Giza in 1954 belonged to a ceremonial ship built by Pharaoh Khufu to carry goods by sea. (

In light of this pharaonic discovery, the sea freight shipping from Italy to Egypt has a “millenary charm”, don’t you believe too?

But let’s focus in the “modern era”. For the export customs clearance related to sea freight shipping from Italy to Egypt, shipper must provide the following documents: the sales invoice of the exporting company, a packing-list indicating the number of packages, the gross and net weight, the dual use declaration filled out with signature and stamp (on the headed paper of the exporting company).

In addition to this documentation, Egypt requires the EUR1 movement certificate, that is used to certify the preferential origin of goods in the commercial exchanges with the countries linked to the European Union by bilateral agreements.

Preferential origin status confers certain tariff benefits (entry at a reduced or zero rate of duty) on goods fulfilling certain criteria. The preferential tariff treatment is applied to European Union (EU) imports from countries that have trade agreements with the EU.

To release the EUR1 movement certificate, the export customs authority requires the supplier’s declaration for goods of preferential origin. (model downloadable at below link)

EUR1 Declaration model


Any other doubts when exporting from Italy to Egypt or about EUR1 movement certificate? Rely on our “pharaonic” experience!


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