Shipments between Italy and China: the season… or rather the Golden Week!

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International transport to/from China: the sooner you book, the better you stay!

Sea freight

Good news regarding demand on international transport to/from China, which is increasing. However, in terms of sea transport, considering the frequent blank sailing in response to the Covid pandemic and the Chinese Golden Week (from 1st to 8th October), the belly capacity is significantly reduced and space on vessels is tight. For this reason, sea freight rates are increasing as well.

Our Chinese freight forwarding partners also report a lack of equipment in the local ports, perhaps due to the boom in export shipments from China to the detriment of importations.

Air transport

Similarly to sea freight, air transport continues to register lower belly capacity caused by reduction of both cargo and passengers’ flights. The value of air freight is inevitably always higher.

Rail freight

The cancellation of many maritime departures and the increase in air freight rates make the rail freight service an even more valid and ideal alternative for the transport of goods between Asia and Europe.


We advise our customers to arrange their own cargo and book the available space in advance. Our team is available to understand your needs and provide you with the right assistance.


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