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The sea freight shipment is too slow and the air freight shipment is too expensive? Just speed along the new silk road..by rail freight!

The rail freight service connecting China to Europe is part of the “One Belt One Road” project, representing an excellent compromise between the air freight shipment, generally faster but costly, and the sea freight shipment, slower but way cheaper.
Our clients are very satisfied about this solution: shipping from China to Italy by rail freight needs a transit time of about 22-24 days. The price is more competitive than the air freight shipment.
The container types we are now shipping are 40’DV and 40’HC.
To mention an example, one of our Italian clients importing shopping bags opted for shipping from China by rail freight. The delivery’s deadline of the Italian warehouse and the “low budget” available, pushed the Italian importer towards this freight solution.
Our Chinese agent supported the shipping from China to Italy by rail freight. A 40’DV container was loaded in Xiamen and transported to Chengdu rail terminal, final destination Busto Arsizio, Italy, with rail transhipment in Hamburg, Germany.



The operations related to customs clearance and container unloading were handled in our warehouse: with a travel time of 22 days, the shopping bags were imported in time and the S.O.S. Vanished!


Are you shipping from China by rail freight? Don’t hesitate to contact us for any type of import or export shipment from China!

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