Shipping from China to Italy: the game is over at the Roma Amusement Show

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When exporting video games for the key event of the amusement sector, the shipment becomes “playful”

The game is over at the Roma Amusement Show: the reference appointment in the amusement sector has has successfully ended, as reported by the Italian Exhibition Group.

It is a key event enhancing all the novelties and the excellence in the field of entertainment with no cash winnings for all ages. Children, teenagers, adults and the family: a diverse and multifaceted world ranging from traditional attractions (from swing rides to inflatables, from pinball to foosball) to the most incredible and futuristic ones involving virtual reality, laser games and e-sports. (

We have recently managed a shipment from China to Italy destined to the Roma Amusement Show. One of the exhibitors, an Italian company, relied on us for the importation of the goods to be exposed. He is our regular customer: when shipping from China to Italy by sea freight, our contribution is focused on the customs clearance and the delivery’s operations.

For this specific shipment from China to Italy, goods were purchased from several suppliers based in Guangdong province: the departure was from Zhongshan and arrival at the port of Venice.


Image provided by the Italian Exhibition Group, image without commercial purpose


What documents were needed to import the video games in Italy from China?

  • The sales invoice indicating the INCOTERM (CIF)
  • The packing-list indicating the number of packages, the gross and net weight, the HS CODE of the articles
  • The DV1, or a declaration of the value that the importer must undersign
  • The EC conformity declaration with a description of all products, as requested by the Italian customs authorites


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