Shipping from Italy to Brasil and wine logistics: what are the fruit of the grape harvest?

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Some key elements of wine imports in Brazil: the New Certificate of Origin, the EU-Mercosur trade agreement and the local trade fairs 

International shipping and wine logistics deal very often with new regulations in the importing countries.

A new Certificate of Origin has entered into force in Brazil few days ago. Let’s remind that the Normative Instruction n. 67/2018 establishes the obligation to present a new Certificate of Origin. The model can be found in Annex IX, from 15th November 2019 (consider the date of the Bill of lading).

The certificates of analysis, which accompany the certificate of origin, can be issued by laboratories accredited by the Brazilian system of registration of foreign organisms and laboratories “Siscole”.

A recent clarification of the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture specified that the analytical parameters to be taken as a reference are those contained in the Regulatory Instructions IN 14/2018 and the following amendments contained in IN 48/2018

Resumo do 1º dia de WINE SOUTH AMERICA ????

Pubblicato da Wine South America su Mercoledì 25 settembre 2019

Wine importations in Brazil

According to the Vinitaly Observatory – Wine Monitor Nomisma, Brazil is considered the most promising emerging country, with its 324.9 million euros of wine imported globally, and with a leap of 156% since 2007.

Furthermore, in the first seven months of 2019, Brazil imported wine for a total value of 171.86 million euros (+ 0.8% over the same period of 2018), of which 18.05 million from Italy (-2, 7%).

In this context the EU-Mercosur trade agreement, which came into force last June 28 2019, represents an important goal. The agreement will gradually abolish customs duties on wine (in addition to other food and industrial categories) and will lead to an intensification of trade exchange.

Trade shows like the Wine South America, under Vinitaly-Veronafiere, play a key role as well supporting the sales increase. 


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