Shipping from Italy to Brazil, a “Belo Horizonte”!

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“A paso lento pero seguro”, a crystalline horizon for the Brazilian economy

Not just Asian, but also Brazilian..

Brazil is a market we have regularly worked with for several years. Shipping from Italy to Brazil has been one our main businesses thanks also to the trusted support of our local freight forwarding partners. We handle sea freight shipments of Italian products to Brazil (machinery, spare parts, household products ..), but also several import shipments from Brazil to Italy (steel, leather..)

When shipping from Italy to Brazil we pay the closest attention to the issue transport documents (please have a look at our previous article about sea freight shipments to Brazil)

Non just shipping from Italy to Brazil, here below all the solution we offer on import shipments as well:

  • Sea freight shipments with FCL (full container) or LCL (less than container) solution
  • Exceptional transport
  • Reefer transportation
  • Air freight shipments
  • Cross trade shipments
  • Goods customs clearance (export and import in Brazil)
  • International shipments with every type of INCOTERMS
  • Brazilian trusted freight forwarding partners


Brazil: a growing economy

According to the 2019 export report drawn up by the Sace Simest group, Brazil is the world’s fifth-largest country by area and demographic dimension. It’s the 1st economy in Latin America. The recovery from the most intense recession in the recent decades (with a decline in GDP of almost 7% between 2015 and 2016) has so far been partial but it’s expected to grow in 2019 (+ 2%).

The business environment is supported by an advanced financial system and a stable institutional context.
The reforms anticipated by the new government could have positive impacts on the domestic consumer demand, and consequently, for Italian exports expected to increase by 3.9% in 2019 and by 5.2% in the next three years.

Brazil will invest in sectors where Italian companies can provide a valuable contribution: infrastructures, renewable energy, agribusiness, metals, instrumental mechanics, electrical appliances, chemistry.

Are you shipping from Italy to Brazil? Contact us to know our ocean freight rates and your customized logistics solutions!

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