Shipping from Seychelles: REX system mandatory from 1st July 2023

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The Rex system will replace the EUR.1 certificate for the goods destined to the EUcountries

Seychelles will introduce the Registered Exporter System (REX) as of July 1 for goods originating from the island nation destined for the European Union countries through which local exporters will complete their own self-certification. (

This is a system that will replace the EUR.1 which is currently being used.

Each time that an exporter will have a consignment to export to EU countries, he will use the REX number on the invoice as a statement of export.

In order to be able to issue such declarations, exporters will have to directly register in the REX system, an online database developed by the EU. Upon registration, the classification, valuation and origin section of the Customs Division will assign a REX number to the applicant. The number has to be mentioned on the statement of origin.

Currently, each time there is a consignment leaving the Seychelles for an EU country, exporters have to provide the EUR.1 certificate and pay SCR100 [$7] for each consignment. With the REX system, the exporters will do their own self-certification, so the SCR100 will fade out and exporters will not need to go to the Customs Division for endorsement.

For the new REX system, the Customs Division of the Seychelles Revenue Commission has developed specific guidelines for the use of such a system that will soon be publicly available on its website.


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