Shipping to Libya: let’s control the temperature and.. the letter of credit!

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Refrigerated transport by sea plays a “vital” role on exports of pharmaceutical products

As reported by the Export Planning magazine, “the global trade in pharmaceutical products continues to show a positive growth, with a high competitiveness of the Italian exports.” In the first quarter of 2019 “Italian pharmaceutical exports showed an accelerated increase (+ 16.3% compared to the corresponding quarter of 2018, + 9.3% in seasonally adjusted values), allowing the achievement of a new record .” (

The temperature controlled transport of the medicines plays an even more crucial role when exported abroad: the pharma cold chain logistics must be guaranteed along the entire logistics cycle to preserve the integrity of the medicines.

When shipping to Libya for one of our customers, we manage temperature controlled sea shipments of medicines: when handling the refrigerated transport, it’s important to keep the container at the required storage temperature of 8° from the pick up in Italy to the road transport and the stay at the port terminal before being exported.

For the refrigerated transport of medicines it is also essential to ensure the hygiene and cleanliness of the reefer container, which must be odorless. We normally handle refrigerated transport to Libya with letter of credit. Further attention must be paid when issuing the required transport documents, certificates, etc.

In the presence of a letter of credit, it is necessary to follow the indicated instructions even more scrupulously in order to avoid any problems that could generate delays and consequent additional costs (prolonged reefer container stops in port terminals, etc.).

Do you have any doubts when shipping to Libya with a letter of credit? We help you “control” them!

Contact us for any type of refrigerated transport by sea!



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