Shipping to South America: oh, by the way, did you know about Eu Mercosur agreement?

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Shipping to South America from Italy

As freight forwarders regularly shipping to South America from Italy (and viceversa) we are able to provide you the best logistic support for every kind of goods’ category. Our freight forwarding services are focused on:

  • Sea freight shipping to/from South America (full container and groupage)
  • Air freight shipping to/from South America
  • Logistics services
  • Multimodal customized solutions to save time and money
  • Cross trade shipping (ex:
  • Import-export customs clearance
  • Insurance
  • Trusted freight forwarding partners in South America

The Eu Mercosur agreement

Few months ago, after twenty years of negotiations, the EU and Mercosur have reached a political agreement on a trade deal. But what is Mercosur? Mercosur it’s a common market in South America whose member states are: Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay. Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru, and Suriname are associate members.

The EU-Mercosur region-to-region agreement will remove the majority of tariffs on EU exports to Mercosur, making EU companies more competitive by saving them €4 billion worth of duties per year.

As regards EU industrial sectors, this will help boost exports of EU products that have so far been facing high and sometimes prohibitive tariffs. Those include cars (tariff of 35%), car parts (14-18%), machinery (14-20%), chemicals (up to 18%), pharmaceuticals (up to 14%), clothing and footwear (35%) or knitted fabrics (26%).

The EU agri-food sector will benefit from slashing existing Mercosur high tariffs on EU export products, chocolates and confectionery (20%), wines (27%), spirits (20 to 35%), and soft drinks (20 to 35%). The agreement will also provide duty-free access subject to quotas for EU dairy products (currently 28% tariff), notably for cheeses. (full text at

Next steps

Both sides will now perform a legal revision of the agreed text to come up with the final version of the Association Agreement and all its trade aspects. The Commission will then translate it into all official EU languages and submit the Association Agreement to EU Member States and the European Parliament for approval.



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