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The new Provisions on Turkish Customs Regulations: the certificate of Origin is “preferebly” required

From the customs clearance’s point of view, shipments to Turkey from Italy, are treated like standard shipments of general cargo from Italy to the EXTRA-EU countries. (see customs procedures section)

In addition to the standard export documentation, A.TR customs certificate for the movement of industrial products could be also requested.

The purpose of an A.TR Movement Certificate is to declare that the goods to be exported from the EU to Turkey (or imported to the EU from Turkey) are either manufactured in, or, irrespective of their origin, have free circulation status within the EU (or Turkey). A.TR Certificate grants preferential rates of duty (mostly zero) for imports and exports between the European Union and Turkey.

Imported goods originating in a country other than Turkey and EU but having a free trade agreement with EU, can be similarly exported to Turkey and benefiting from the same preferential tariff treatment.

Over the past few years, Turkey has introduced some additional duties (ACD and AFD) on various products originating in non-EU countries, making it necessary to amend Article 38 of the Turkish customs regulation. The new provision states that the Certificate of Origin (CoO) shall be submitted along with the import declaration while entering into the free circulation in Turkey in order to prove that goods are not originated in countries which are subject to liabilities and granted relief from AFL and/or ACD.

Based on the Customs Union agreement between Turkey and the EU, in the case of importation where the goods are accompanied by an A.TR movement certificate, without prejudice to cases determined in accordance with the risk criteria established by the Ministry, the certificate of origin will not be required.



In any case, for shipments to/from Turkey, the Turkish importer must provide instructions on any requested documentation.

From our side, we will provide you the necessary documentary and logistic support.



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