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Case history: door-to-door transportation of rock wool production lines from Italy to Mongolia

In cooperation with our Mongolian freight forwarding agent located in Ulaanbaatar, we did arrange a shipment of about 60 containers, splitted into lots of 12 to 16 units. They were mainly out of gauge open top, all containing machinery machinery intended for an industrial complex producing rock wool.

Rock wool, also known as mineral wool, is a type of insulation material made from natural minerals, primarily basalt or diabase, that are heated to high temperatures and then spun into fibers.

Containers were shipped using sea freight transport service: port of loading La Spezia, port of discharge Xingang, China, and then via intermodal transport to Ulanbaatar. Average transit time for sea transport: 45 days for the ones shipped in the November-December 2023 period, approximately 60 days for those shipped in 2024 (due to the Red Sea crisis).

Out of gauge and in gauge open top containers: type of tarpaulin required

Following shipper’s instructions, equipment type were mainly open top containers, as goods needed to be stowed entering through the doors with use of an overhead crane and by removing the container mobile bar.

There’s also a second reason which is related to the presence of out-of-gauge packages.

The open top container is a container type of OOG special container. The top of the open top container is open and usually has a foldable canopy with a tarpaulin cover and a wire rope seal.

Tarpaulin usage is mandatory. Its function is to protect the goods during the entire duration of land and sea transport.

Tarpaulin is normally supplied by the carrier owned container (COC) and can be used when packages are in gauge.

When the products exceed in height, it is necessary to rely on special tarpaulins available in various extra size sizes.

Some of our customer’s products were exceeding the height, that’s why we did supply him some special tailor made tarpaulins. He did also require “waterproof sheets covering weight >500 g/m2 (>500 g/m2)”.

Original tarpaulins were inserted inside the containers at the end of the stuffing operations.


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