The wake of COVID-19 on air transport and sea transport

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The impact of coronavirus on global shipping

The spread of the coronavirus throughout the world and the different public health measures put in place to curb the spread of the virus has had a unique impact on the global freight industry.

Air freight transport

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, air freight traffic has contracted significantly. The drop in passenger traffic and the complete closings of various airports have affected global air transport capacity, with some estimates recording a 35% drop.

The shortage of capacity has caused an inevitable increase in international tariffs since mid-February.

In this period, the increase in air freight rates has instead favored other modes of transport, such as for example the service between China and Europe both by train and by truck.

In any case, several analysts agree that the peak reached on air freight has now reached its maximum and therefore is destined not to grow further. (


Trasporto via mare

According to the analyzes of Clarkson Research, in the context of global maritime transport, the container sector is the one most affected by the Covid-19 impact and therefore more exposed to the effects of the crisis, as a result of which global container traffic would have decreased equal to 10.3% of teu. (

To sustain the costs of the maritime transport and to reduce the offer of hold, some companies have adopted the strategy of “blank sailing”, which simply means that for that week or fortnight or month (depending on the frequency of the liner service) that area will not have a vessel to discharge or load cargo.

Furthermore, the restrictions adopted by some countries that force incoming ships to be quarantined have contributed to adding delays in shipments and reprogramming of vessels.

Consequently, we are facing an increase in the transit times which affect the delivery dates, and difficulty in the procurement of spaces as the strong reduction of cargo supply does not match the demand.

In this context, booking space in advance can certainly help.

The global scenario constantly changes and our team remains available to provide you “fresh” updates and consulence



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