There’s always room for desserts!

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The most greedy refrigerated transport travels minus 20 degrees to South Korea

The sweetness is never too much and there’s always room for desserts, especially in our reefer container with destination South Korea.

In reference to the food & beverage logistics category of Christmas products, we have recently carried out a refrigerated transport from Italy to Busan.

As instructed by the Italian producer, the temperature required for the food storage was -20 °: the delicious cargo was composed of pastry and biscuit products to be kept at this temperature during all phases of the refrigerated transport, from goods pick up in the warehouse to the final delivery at destination.

After concluding the stuffing operations at the company warehouse, the container was transferred to Genoa Port close to the vessel cut-off period in order to save money on reefer connection costs.

For the same principle, the reefer container must be cleared and collected as soon as possible once it arrives at the port of destination.

Concerning the INCOTERM used for this refrigerated transport, it was managed on exw basis.



At the final phase of this shipment, Korean end consumers will certainly share our opinion: there is always room for dessert!


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