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From Venezuela to the Venice Art Biennale Exhibition: the artworks made by Juvenal Ravelo land in the Italian lagoon.. under diplomatic seal

In cooperation with the Venezuelan Embassy and our freight forwarding partner located in Caracas, we were pleased to deliver some special artworks at the Venice art Biennale 60th Edition.

This year the Venezuel Pavillon hosts the artistic installations created by Juvenal Ravelo (1934), one of the most prestigious Latin American artists of his time, a master of kinetic art, a pioneer in thinking about the social impact of art in the community, and one of the references of participatory art in the region.

The project was organized by the Venezuelan Ministry of Popular Power for Culture, curated by Dr. Edgar Ernesto González and commissioned by Reinaldo Landaeta Diaz.

The artworks did arrive by air freight from Caracas to Milano Malpensa airport under diplomatic seal.

What’s a diplomatic pouch?

Artworks were packed inside wooden boxes labelled as diplomatic pouches.

A diplomatic pouch (or “bag”) is any properly identified and sealed package, pouch, envelope, bag, or other container that is used to transport official correspondence, documents, and other articles intended for official use, between


  • Embassies, legations, consular posts, and the foreign office of any government;
  • The headquarters or any other office of a public international organization and its regional offices in the United States or in a foreign country;
  • The foreign office of any country with full membership in a public international organization and its mission to that organization

In accordance with Article 27.3 of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations (VCDR), properly designated diplomatic pouches “shall not be opened or detained.”

International fine art shipping Italy and diplomatic bags

Upon arrival at Malpensa airport handler, we carried out the customs formalities related to the diplomatic procedure.

After this, we could transfer the wooden boxes containing the artworks at our warehouse in Porto Marghera Venice, awaiting for the last mile delivery.

Upon agreement with the fitters, we could arrange the motorboat transfer at the Venezuela Pavilion in the Gardens of the Venice Biennale.

The empty crates have been then collected to be stored in our warehouse until the end of the Exhibition, at the end of November, once the artworks will come back to their country of origin.

Set-up and inauguration of the Venezuela Pavilion

The artistic installations were delivered in time and in perfect condition. We were pleased to take part at the official inauguration of the Pavillon.

Key service of this case history

  • arrival of the air shipment in Milano Malpensa airport
  • customs formalities related to the diplomatic shipment
  • dedicated land transportation
  • international fine art shipping 
  • motorboat transportation in Venice
  • storage of the empty case in our warehouse



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