Triangle shipping to Algeria.. geometry of love

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Italy-France-Algeria, the love triangle shipments

We are not talking about geometry, but for sure we love triangle shipping!

What’s the final destination? Sea freight and air freight triangle shipping to Algeria. For these kind of shipments the parties involved are:

  • several Italian suppliers of construction materials/furniture selling and invoicing to the French company
  • the French company selling the goods purchased in Italy to its Algerian headquarter
  • the Algerian company, which decides about transport and represents the final consignee

The French branch office represents a logistics platform founded to facilitate the purchases of its Algerian headquarter. The goods are exported directly from Italy to Algeria through triangle shipping.


The customs document (EX-A) indicates as exporter the French branch and as receiver the Algerian company: to proceed our Italian customs broker needs to know the EORI code of the French party and to receive the corresponding required documentation as well (invoice etc..)

An EORI (Economic Operator Registration and Identification) number is how the European Union (EU) identifies business entities. An EORI number is required of any party intending to import into the EU or export from the EU.

Other doubts about triangle shipping? We’ll make for you a “perfect geometry”!



Are you handling any triangular operations? Contact us for your sea freight or air freight shipments!


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