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Tunisia has introduced a new control system for the import of new products

Tunisia has decided to adopt a prior control system to guarantee the quality of certain imported products destined to the Tunisian market.

At the same time, this restrictive measure is addressed directly to the producers in the exporting countries.

These provisions aimed at streamlining imports officially entered into force on October 17, 2022.


What does this new pre-import control system provide for in Tunisia?

For products intended for sale on the Tunisian market, importers in Tunisia will henceforth have to submit an invoice endorsed by the competent public service (Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Industry or the National Food Safety Authority).

To obtain this visa, the importer must present an import file with the following documents (source: Tunisian press):

  • the invoice issued by the exporter
  • a certificate from an official body of the exporting country relating to the legal status of the factory and its authorization to carry out its activity (company certificate)
  • a document certifying that the manufacturer has implemented a quality control system
  • the list of product categories to import
  • the brand name of the product and the brand produced under license
  • a label for the products to be imported
  • a certificate of free sale issued by an authority of the exporting country
  • documents proving the quality of the imported products according to the standards in force
  • other documents or samples may be requested by the ministry concerned


There are exemptions. These are mainly the following operations:

  • Imports on behalf of the State or public bodies
  • Imports of raw materials and semi-finished products for the industrial and handicraft sector
  • Imports of spare parts
  • Imports of equipment for renewable energy
  • Imports without payment
  • Postal parcels

Here is the press release from the Tunisian ministries, available only in the Arabic version but including the list of Tunisian customs codes for the products concerned.


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