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The advantages of the groupage transport

A consolidated shipment is the result of combining multiple LTL shipments from various shippers that have the same or near origin and destination, so as to form a more manageable load unit (semi-trailer, sea freight container, air container, etc.).

The operation of joining the goods in a single groupage shipment is called consolidation; the opposite activity on arrival (separating of lots) is called degroupage.

The groupage is in the most economical solution for all those small shipments that taken separately would not be sufficient to complete a load.

There are many advantages: operational cost savings, avoiding load breakage (the fractional execution of a transport with different vehicles), limiting the risk of loss and damage




Just to make an example, one of our customers in Libya periodically buys equipments for food processing from several Italian suppliers, in quantities that are not enough to fill a standard load container. The case study involves one unique Libyan importer and several Italian exporters.

Inside our warehouse, stock consolidation consists of grouping together compatible goods from different sources. This is applied in: goods receipt processes,

The realization of the groupage starts from our warehouse, during the goods consolidation phase, which consists of three moments: receipt, storage and delivery to our international freight consolidator.

The consolidator stuffs the goods in a single groupage container stipulates the transport contract with the maritime carrier.

Once the loading of cargo is completed, we issue a House Bill of Lading (HBL) for each Italian exporter. Each LCL shipment has a its own Bill of Lading (BL) showing the real shipper and the real consigne.
The consolidator will collect the Master Bill of Lading (MBL) from the carrier, which indicates the total goods amount and showing Asian Logistics Agencies as Italian shipper and the Libyan freight forwarder, as consignee.

The container is shipped to the corresponding consolidator in Tripoli, Libya, who will contact our forwarding partner. He will agree with the final importer for the release operations.



As freight forwarders based in Italy, you can count on our professionalism for your groupage transport to Libya and other destinations.


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