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How is Corona Virus affecting the air freight and sea freight shipping transport?

On January 31, 2020, the Italian government ordered the cancellation of all flights to and from China, to counter the Corona Virus epidemic, specifying that the provision only concerns passenger and not cargo planes.

However, as confirmed also by the air brokers we are cooperating with, many airlines have canceled cargo flights as well. The reason is mainly due to the shortage of staff in the airport handlers, warehouses etc. following the decision of the Chinese government and the various municipalities to extend the New Year’s holidays until February 9/14.

(more details in our previuos article coronavirus-and-the-international-freight-transport/)

The shortage of operating staff also affects ports, which officially continue to be operational but in a markedly reduced way.

The carriers we are cooperating with informed us that the departure schedule has been drastically reduced.


We will keep you updated on further developments. We want to express again our solidarity with the people affected, directly and indirectly, by the Novel Coronavirus


Contact us for any clarification regarding your international freight transport to/from China. Our team can assist you also in Chinese or English language.



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