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When goods consolidation groups together Bohemian chandeliers, the shipment becomes “crystal clear”!

Groupage transportation: how does it work?

The term groupage refers to a type of shipment which consists of grouping small shipments of goods  coming from several shippers, so as to form a more manageable load unit and to reduce transport costs.

The operation of joining the goods in a single groupage shipment is called consolidation; the opposite activity on arrival (separating of lots) is called degroupage.

The forwarder carries out a fundamental function, because he is in the meeting point between the different senders: the person in charge of the assembly of the shipment, the one who combines the goods and who is responsible for the shipment.

The groupage is in fact the most economical solution for all those small shipments that taken separately would not be sufficient to complete a load.

In the warehouse, goods consolidation is implemented as part of the various goods receipt, storage, picking and dispatch operations.

There are many advantages: operational cost savings, avoiding load breakage (the fractional execution of a transport with different vehicles), limiting the risk of loss and damage


Our international groupage shipments take on the shades of Bohemian crystal chandeliers.

Our Indonesian client, a furniture distributor, contacted us as international freight forwarders specialized in the groupage transportation / consolidation of goods in Venice.

Since the goods was originating from several producers in the Czech Republic, we collected the consignments of chandeliers from the several pick up addresses in that area, then handled a single transport operation in order to optimize costs.

Once arrived at our warehouse located in the Port of Venice, the packages were accompanied by corresponding EXAs (customs bills) as they were already cleared in the country of origin.

At the end of the stuffing operations and after the container entered the port terminal, the EXAs were submitted electronically to the local customs office of exit which normally authorizes the container loading onboard.

Our “shiny”containers regularly departed from Port of Venice with final destination Jakarta.


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